Dr. R P Mohan  MDS 

( Manipal University )

Chief Doctor

Endodontist & Smile Designing Specialist


SpecializationConservative Dentistry & Endodontics, Smile Designing
Additional QualificationNBDE1 from USA
AwardsBest Paper Award In 29th IACDE & 22nd IES National Conference


Dr. RP. Mohan is renowned for performing advanced, single-sitting, and complicated root canal treatments. He has been trained extensively in the field of Endodontics, Restorative, Preventive, Esthetic /Cosmetic procedures which include Smile Designing, Veneers, LASER surgeries, and many more. He is one among the few who is trained to work under LOUPES for dental treatments.
                        Dr. Mohan is committed to providing quality health care services especially for Smile designing. He believes in conservative treatment with a perfect amalgamation of conventional endo practice & incorporation of advanced dentistry. He is passionate about improving patients dental health and makes every effort to put his patients at ease.
                Finally, Dr. Mohan promises that you will leave with a Smile on your face. 


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Dr. R Jayarekha  MDS 


Chief Doctor

TMJ & Orofacial Pain Specialist

SpecializationTMJ & Orofacial Pain Specialist


Additional Qualification
  • MD in Acupressure
  • Certified in Dry Needling Technique in Orofacial Pain
AuthorAn author of a book “OSTEODYSTOPHIES OF JAW”.


Dr. R. Jayarekha is an exceptional Oral & Maxillofacial Cancer Specialist, who accomplished both Bachelor of Dental Surgery, BDS and Master Of Dental Surgery, MDS with top merits from Oxford Dental College & Research Centre, Bangalore. Her passion for dentistry drove her to further education in this field by taking courses in managing orofacial pain and TMJ. She has many publications in national and international journals and an author of a book “OSTEODYSTOPHIES OF JAW”.She established her own practice in Kukatpally, Hyderabad. Since then, Dr. Jayarekha has been running her own private dental practice with the motto “happy smile and health for everyone”.

Dr. R. Rekha is known for her loving attitude towards her patients and her remarkably gentle hands. Not only is she extremely experienced in the field of dentistry, but she attends regular dental conferences and seminars to ensure that her skills, techniques and equipment is up to date, and state of the art.

A stickler for hygiene, Dr.R. Rekha personally ensures the highest level of sterilization and sanitization in her clinic, with regular quality and disinfectant checks and certifications for all her equipment, and clinic as a whole.

Dr. R. Rekha guarantees the highest possible level of dental care for all those who enter her clinic. She strongly believes in Alternative Medicine as an adjunct to managing her patients, and is currently practicing alternative medicine therapy, Acupressure for major pain management.


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