Laser Dentistry


Why Lasers

  1. Lasers seal the blood vessels and they offer a dry operating field and excellent visibility.
  2. In addition seal the lymphatic vessels which yield minimum postoperative swelling.
  3. With the use of lasers pain is reduced to absent in 90%.
  4. A laser offers the ability to negotiate curves and folds in the oral cavity.
  5. They cause less chance for mechanical trauma, minimal scaring and sutures are rarely needed.
  6. They cause reduction in the bacterial count and in some areas may sterilize the field as well.
  7. Increased patient acceptance due to minimum postoperative discomfort.


Low Level Laser Therapy

  1. Biopsy- (Incisional/ Excisional)
  2. Tongue lesions
  3. White, vesiculobullous and premalignantlesions
  4. Apthousulcers
  5. Treatment of salivary gland pathologies –mucocele, ranula, sialolithiasis.
  6. Coagulation
  7. Malignant lesions
  8. Hemorrhagic disorders
  9. Formyofacial pain and TMJ pain

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